Our Volunteers

Volunteering Gives Back in More Ways Than One

Besides having opportunities to serve others, Nur Asyiqin, 24, also found herself on the receiving end as a volunteer. She has had to courageously step out of her comfort zone to take on various volunteer roles. Nur Asyiqin also put herself on the frontlines and assisted in distributions and outreach activities during the height of

Going Beyond Just Giving

Siti Nurfazirah, 25, began her volunteering journey in her teens, gradually gaining awareness of the social issues within Singapore. Currently pursuing a degree in Social Work, she often meets individuals or families of the vulnerable populations. She had partnered with Thye Hua Kwan Moral Charities (THKMC) due to a school requirement to accumulate volunteering hours,

Volunteerism is the Best Teacher

After graduating from university, Lau Sien Hui, 28, had the desire to make a big difference on this small island. He believes it is important to give back to the society and does so in ways he greatly enjoys. Despite having a regular job, Sien Hui finds the time to partake in various activities such

A Determination to Give and Encourage Perseverance

Many may have shied away from coming out of their homes to volunteer, but Koh Bee Hiong was determined to give what she can to help. As her working hours were reduced due to stricter circuit breaker measures, she decided to contribute her free time to assisting those in need. Ms Bee Hiong began volunteering with

Taking the Lead On Giving Back to the Community

With the Covid-19 pandemic still prevalent, James Ho Kai Shian is just one of the many Singaporeans left idle during the circuit breaker period. The measures put in place by the government prompted his business to cease its operations temporarily. While his family members could still keep busy with working from home, James unexpectedly had