A Determination to Give and Encourage Perseverance

Many may have shied away from coming out of their homes to volunteer, but Koh Bee Hiong was determined to give what she can to help. As her working hours were reduced due to stricter circuit breaker measures, she decided to contribute her free time to assisting those in need. Ms Bee Hiong began volunteering with Thye Hua Kwan (THK) for government initiatives such as mask distributions and the Temporary Relief Fund (TRF) scheme, which were organised in light of COVID-19. What could motivate someone to come forward and contribute despite the crisis?

“I found myself in a position where I am able to provide – be it a few donations, my time or simple peer support,’ she revealed. ‘I believe these actions encourage others to persevere, no matter how small they are.”

Recently, Bee Hiong also joined THK in a mission to dispatch packed healthy meals to the elderly twice a day under the Meals On Wheels programme, which runs seven days a week. Describing the activity as a compassionate cause, she wishes to be able to bring some comfort and joy to the beneficiaries. The rising numbers of COVID-19 cases may have caused fear in stepping outside too often and others living alone may begin to feel lonely being cooped up indoors. Bee Hiong is certain that a little care goes a long way and that those who can try to help.

While the circumstances surrounding the pandemic for many are dire, she is hopeful when she sees fellow THK Aviators carrying on with volunteer work. Appreciative of the teamwork and dedication that they demonstrate, Bee Hiong feels as though she has found a group to rely on and be proud of.

“To my Aviator friends, thank you for the experiences and your hard work so far. Let’s try to give back while we can and do our very best!