Dahlia Saaban Hardjo (Admin Executive, THK HQ)

Dahlia joined Thye Hua Kwan (THK) Head Office upon the recommendation of a mutual friend in 2008 as an Executive. Over the years, she had done some work in the Accounts Department and serviced the Seniors Activity Centres. Now, her job scope involves administrative duties.

What are you thankful for and proud of as an employee of THK? 

“I was a stay-home mum with 2 children living in Pasir Gudang, Johor for more than 15 years before returning to Singapore. I underwent treatment for cancer, after which I had to rebuild my life together with my children. Being a single parent, a cancer survivor and having been out of the working environment for such a long period of time, life was very challenging. I am grateful to THK for giving me the opportunity to work and for providing my family and I with the stability that we need.”

I’m proud to work for THK, an organisation that provides a wide range of services to various groups of beneficiaries. With its sincerity to serve mankind, I believe that THK will continue its efforts to help the needy.”