Defying limits in search of a better me: The success story of Rongtai (THK Pan-Disability Centre @ Eunos)

Hello, I’m Rongtai and here is my success story:

I joined THK Pan-Disability Centre @ Eunos in 2020.

I started out receiving in-house training under the Housekeeping Programme and learnt how to clean windows, toilets and tables.

During my second month at THK Pan-Disability Centre @ Eunos, I was offered the opportunity to work under the Supported Employment at one of the THK Seniors Activity Centre. Every afternoon, I would tidy up the Centre after the seniors leave, ensuring it is spruced for the next day. I even took on the role as an ‘unofficial pest control officer’ as I get rid of the unwanted visitors at the Centre. I guess this is my speciality and I am happy to be able to protect those who were more afraid. 

However, 2 weeks into my Supported Employment, I had a major breakdown because I have been battling with Schizophrenia for most parts of my life, having grown up in a very turmoil environment. I was not able to control myself and had multiple aggressive outbursts. This affected me to continue with the Supported Employment.

My social worker and instructors did not give up on me; they supported me to cope with my emotions and was introduced to baking – my new-found love! As I have been preparing meals for my mother and godfather at home, being in the kitchen feels comfortable. I learnt baking skills such as mixing ingredients, weighing, kneading and I was the first few who mastered the artful technique of bun-filling!

Baking has helped me greatly in managing my emotions. It has given me a purpose in wanting to do better in life; being able to make delicious buns that many can enjoy. Once, I saw a resident of THK Home for the Disabled @ Chai Chee enjoying the buns that I took part in making and it gave me a lot of satisfaction as I knew that what I went through was all worth it.

Though I am still battling with my inner demons, the instructors, professional team and my friends at my workplace have been very helpful. I am much calmer and happier these days and I’ve even made new friends! I aspire to be able to work in a bakery so that I can continue making delicious pastries for all to enjoy. 

Join me at THK Pan-Disability Centre @ Eunos and be part of this exciting journey today!