Going Beyond Just Giving

Siti Nurfazirah, 25, began her volunteering journey in her teens, gradually gaining awareness of the social issues within Singapore.

Currently pursuing a degree in Social Work, she often meets individuals or families of the vulnerable populations. She had partnered with Thye Hua Kwan Moral Charities (THKMC) due to a school requirement to accumulate volunteering hours, but quickly found a home with THK Aviators.

Since April 2018, Siti Nurfazirah has assumed many volunteer roles such as an event facilitator, a translator, and volunteer leader. She is grateful that she has picked up and improved many skills through these activities, eager to apply them in her future career as a social worker.

THK has given me plenty of opportunities,” she thanked. “Instead of simply assigning the volunteer positions, they were thoughtful and asked me if I would like to try my hand at other roles.”

Due to her concern for Singapore’s ageing population, Siti Nurfazirah hopes to be able to assist the elderly community. She mentions that volunteering with THK Aviators has not only served its purpose of directly helping others, but has also given her the knowledge of services available that cater to seniors. With this in mind, Siti Nurfazirah beamed that she is now able to refer those in need to the relevant sources for assistance. However, she was soon faced with a huge obstacle while serving elderly beneficiaries – the language barrier. Many Singaporean Chinese seniors tend to speak in various dialects, none of which Siti Nurfazirah could understand. Undeterred, she took basic Hokkien classes in school in an attempt to bond with the elderly. She knew her efforts had paid off when the seniors’ faces lit up because they could understand her!

When asked about volunteering after graduating, Siti Nurfazirah assures that she will definitely continue in her mission to support others. She also reinforced the importance of spreading awareness so that others know that help is readily available from the appropriate service providers.

“Keep on volunteering, THK Aviators! You are playing a big part in the beneficiaries’ lives.”