Jana Ho Jiale (Assistant Senior Social Worker, THK Family Services Division)

As an Assistant Senior Social Worker, Jana Ho Jiale’s scope of duties includes casework and counselling, clinical supervision, as well as ad-hoc administerial work, and more. 

Having worked in THKMC for close to 4 years, she is happy that she is able to play a meaningful role in helping individuals and families resolve their difficulties and cope with the challenges in life. 

What are you proud of as an employee of THK?

THK’s mission of serving all mankind and the value of humanity resonates with me strongly. I’m proud of our integrated approach across divisions to provide quality care, as well as our colleagues who serve with compassion while ensuring that their clients’ voices are heard. I hope that we can collate these best practices and share them with sector partners for mutual learning.”

What challenges did you face and how did you overcome them?

“One challenge that I face is managing the heavy workload. Thankfully, I have supportive colleagues who offer to help when I’m occupied with other duties, as well as my management who provides guidance on ways to increase efficiency and effectiveness!”