May Thet Chit (Senior Enrolled Nurse, THK Homes for Disabled Services Division)


As a Senior Enrolled Nurse, May Thet Chit assists the staff nurse in performing the daily nursing tasks, such as recording the residents’ vital parameter readings, preparing and dispensing medications, briefing and supervising the nursing aides, as well as issuing them medical documents for the residents’ medical appointments.

Having worked in THKMC for almost 2 years, she finds fulfillment in serving the residents and providing them with the best possible nursing care. 

What challenges did you face and how did you overcome them?

“Due to the heightened infection control measures, we have to carry out more responsibilities to ensure the safety of the residents, such as complying with safe distancing guidelines, paying greater attention to their personal hygiene, regular disinfection of the environment and equipment, and performing swab tests. When I’m stressed and tired, my passion to serve the residents keeps me going.”

Why do you love your job? What motivates you at work? 

“Firstly, I love my residents and that motivates me to face the daily challenges. Secondly, I’m thankful for my team who has been very co-operative in helping to care for my residents. Thirdly, I find that I am really learning from what I’m doing. Last but not least, I’m happy to work in such a meaningful job!”