Nursulianah Binte Suhud (Senior Learning Support Educator, THK EIPIC Services Division)

Nursulianah Binte Suhud is a Senior Learning Support Educator (LSEd) working for the Development Support and Learning Support Programme. One of the direct support that is provided by LSEds is learning Support (LS). LSEds are specially trained in early childhood professionals. As part of her job scope, she provides support for pre-school children with mild developmental needs and to equip them with developmentally appropriate skills to optimise their developmental outcomes for entry into mainstream primary school. The support will focus on one of the following based on the child’s assessed need, e.g. Literacy Skills, Language Skills, Social Skills, Handwriting Skills. She also provides coaching and supervision for three LSEds. 

Having worked in THKMC since 2012, she finds fulfillment in helping children develop and achieve their fullest potential. 

What challenges did you face and how did you overcome them? 

“One of the challenges that I have faced would be perhaps in terms of communication with the different stakeholders e.g. other educators, principals, parents, and coachees. As an educator, I need to be a good communicator in order to be able to meet the needs of my students, educators, etc. I believe communication is key for me to be successful in my profession where learning and teaching are connected through good communication. To overcome this, I constantly seek to self-improve, such as developing my people skills and teaching methods. In other words, I am willing to increase my understanding and learning to be a better educator.

Another challenge that I have faced would be balancing the different learning needs of each child as they have their own unique struggles. I learned that there is a built-in way to overcome and handle this challenge that all educators use which is called differentiation; meaning to put as many ways of learning into a lesson.”