Planting ‘Seeds of Love’ during this difficult time

Concerned about our seniors’ mental welfare amid the home isolation with stricter COVID-19 measures in place, Thye Hua Kwan (THK) group of charities distributed ‘Seeds of Love’ urban farming kits to 62 seniors living near the premises of THK Bedok Radiance Seniors Activity Centre on 5 May 2020, with the help of 7 THK Aviators (volunteers). The kits are attached with pictorial instruction guides for the seniors to set up themselves easily. 

Initially, before the suspension of senior-centric activities, our seniors took care of the plants and vegetables planted in a ‘Seeds of Love’ urban farming pipe structure installed at the various THK Seniors Activity Centres. Now that it is being made available at their homes, THK hopes to keep the seniors occupied at home while improving their mental well-being as they water and watch it grow. After 5 weeks, the self-grown vegetables (kang kong or cai xin) will be ready for harvest.

54 brand new laptops and urban farming kits were also donated to families under the care of THK on the same day.

Prior to the distribution, THK Aviators and their family members helped to pack the “Seeds of Love” kits at their homes. Together, we can all help one another tide through this difficult period!