Volunteering Gives Back in More Ways Than One

Besides having opportunities to serve others, Nur Asyiqin, 24, also found herself on the receiving end as a volunteer. She has had to courageously step out of her comfort zone to take on various volunteer roles.

Nur Asyiqin also put herself on the frontlines and assisted in distributions and outreach activities during the height of the pandemic. She acknowledged the many others who were affected and wanted to help those in need pull through such hard times. “We are all facing the same thing so it is nice to stay united,” she empathised.

Throughout her journey as a volunteer, Nur Asyiqin has struggled with her confidence in volunteering. Generally shy and soft-spoken, she felt uneasy in roles that required leadership skills. Through her increasing participation in volunteer activities, however, Nur Asyiqin recalled how she finally overcame this obstacle. “I was put in charge of supervising and caring for senior clients on one of their excursions,” she explained. Despite having worries of not being able to understand or connect with most of them, the seniors profusely thanked her at the end of the event.

“I felt very much appreciated and more confident as a volunteer leader after seeing how happy they were.”

Nur Asyiqin emphasised that becoming a THK Aviator has opened doors to many opportunities. With the goal of becoming a social worker in mind, she appreciates being able to volunteer with various groups of beneficiaries at Thye Hua Kwan Moral Charities. “The opportunities offered are limitless and it feels like one big community when I interact with all the clients,” she smiled. Getting to know the different individuals who require assistance has also helped her understand their social needs better.

Pleased with her personal growth thus far, Nur Asyiqin aspires to continue learning through volunteerism. She also hopes that THK Aviators will continue championing efforts to make a difference in our communities. When asked about her peers and their dedication to the cause, she stressed that they should feel incredibly proud of themselves.

“Thank you for stepping up despite having your own commitments and keep on giving!”