Volunteerism is the Best Teacher

After graduating from university, Lau Sien Hui, 28, had the desire to make a big difference on this small island. He believes it is important to give back to the society and does so in ways he greatly enjoys.

Despite having a regular job, Sien Hui finds the time to partake in various activities such as long-distance running, coastal cleanups, and volunteering. In 2020, the onslaught of COVID-19 caused him to feel apprehensive about continuing his voluntary work. However, he was soon inspired by his friend’s father who courageously chose to work on the front lines despite being 67 years old.

Since joining THK Aviators, Sien Hui has contributed many hours supporting vulnerable seniors within our communities by distributing necessity items such as care packs and mattresses during these tough times. He enjoys chatting with the elderly and hearing about their life experiences. Recalling a conversation with a senior who was a volunteer during his younger days, Sien Hui felt encouraged to carry on lending his helping hands.

“I came to realise that volunteering is not just a platform to achieve new skillsets, but is also a skill in itself,” he added. “There is no limit to learning when you are a volunteer.”

His journey thus far has led Sien Hui to take on the role of a volunteer leader. It enabled him to gain confidence in handling volunteer events and meet people from all walks of life. It was challenging to communicate with the varying age groups of volunteers, but he explained that this helped him understand the importance of teamwork and having respect for everyone.

When asked about his fellow THK Aviators, Sien Hui acknowledged their hard work. He appreciates their abundant kindness, enthusiasm, and patience in assisting others. Moving forward, Sien Hui hopes to keep up with future opportunities and explore new volunteering roles with THKMC.

“Serving as a THK Aviator nurtures my passion and I feel extremely fulfilled. It has allowed me to listen to so many different stories that have brightened my perspective of life.”