Walk With Me 2020: Community Walkathon for Preschools in Bukit Panjang

Over 20 million steps were clocked over 5 days during the ‘Walk With Me 2020’ community walkathon from 9 – 13 November 2020 for preschoolers in Bukit Panjang, to fundraise rice for low-income families.

At the same time, the campaign hopes to inculcate the spirit of giving from a young age, along with a healthy lifestyle.
This was a collective effort by more than 2,000 participants, of which 1,006 were preschoolers.
With the help of our volunteers, 3,340kg of rice has been distributed to vulnerable families in Bukit Panjang in early December 2020.

‘Walk With Me 2020’ is a ground-up initiative by Bukit Panjang Cares, run by THK Family Service Centre @ Bukit Panjang and the Bukit Panjang Cares Consultative Committee.