Race 10,000KM to Raise $100,000 for the needy families in the community.

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Show your support in our quest to raise $100,000 for low-income families by donating generously!


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In conjunction with THKMC’s 10th Anniversary Celebrations this year, Race to Raise is a race fundraiser event that aims to raise $100,000 for low-income families through walking, running or cycling 10,000KM collectively. The distance clocked will be converted to grocery vouchers for the under-privileged families that THKMC serves.

As the holiday season approaches and many would be out celebrating with their family, the caregivers of these underprivileged families are working extra hard to solve their bread and butter issues. While you are soaking in the atmosphere, consider helping these beneficiaries of THKMC by donating to our charity cause so that the low-income families can join in the festive cheer.

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    Who We Support

    THKMC currently supports more than 5000 low-income families throughout Singapore. Approximately 43% of these families live in 1-2 room rental flats, and above 17% presented financial issues as the primary source of the problem.

    Every day, underprivileged families go through multiple challenges and disadvantages due to limited financial resources. Caregivers of the families cannot spend time with their children because they often work odd and long hours to put bread on the table. They are unable to give their children additional learning support such as tuition classes. As a result, children from these low-income families often have limited family resources to break the poverty cycle.

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    How can you help?

    For Individual

    Your donation will help bring joy to low-income families. Every dollar raised will go to purchasing grocery vouchers distributed to every low-income family that THKMC serves. As the year comes to an end and the new year approaches, these grocery vouchers will allow our beneficiaries to purchase household necessities for the family for the new year.

    For Corporates

    Your monetary sponsorship for the fundraiser will help us purchase grocery vouchers to benefit more low-income families. Help us gift more families and bring smiles to their faces!

Race / Fundraising Period

1 December 2021 to 1 January 2022 (Race Period)

1 December 2021 to 31 January 2022 (Fund-raising Period)

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Funds Raised

(Last Updated: 4 January 2022)

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Support Us

Show your support in our quest to raise $100,000 for low-income families by donating generously!

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