THK Centre for Family Harmony @ Commonwealth

THK CFH @ Commonwealth

THK Centre for Family Harmony @ Commonwealth is one of the four Divorce Support Specialist Agencies (DSSAs) that play a key role in supporting families and children who are affected by divorce. Initiated by the Ministry of Social and Family Development, the long term goal of the Divorce Support Specialist Agency is for families and their children to achieve stability and self-reliance.

THK CFH @ Commonwealth provides comprehensive support to the families (casework and counselling, a range of preventive and intervention programmes) to empower them to:

  • Make an informed decision on divorce
  • Come to terms with the divorce
  • Achieve cooperative co-parenting
  • Resolve the underlying conflict
  • Manage problems and challenges on their own


  • Daddy’s for Life is a support programme for fathers who are undergoing or are affected by divorce. It involves a small group of fathers, allowing them to mutually learn from each other’s experiences and build a strong relationship with their children.
  • In our Mother’s Network support programme, we provide a listening ear and understanding community for mothers undergoing or have undergone divorce to:
    – Be in touch with their feelings and share their thoughts
    – See their strengths and create affirmations for each other
    – Learn how to strengthen the relationship between themselves and their children
    – Cultivate a more positive parenting style
  • The Children in Between (CiB) programme is an evidence-based programme developed by child experts and has proven to be effective in helping separating parents co-parent better and to build resilience in children.1a. CIB for Parents covers:
    – How children are affected when caught in the middle of their parents’ conflict
    – Practical co-parenting skills
    – Ways to reduce and prevent any further parental conflict
    – Consists of two sessions (2 hours per session)

    1b. CIB for Children aged 6 to below 15 years old covers:
    – Myths and truths about divorce
    – Skills to share their feelings with their parents
    – Positive ways to cope with their parents’ divorce
    – Consists of three sessions (2 hours per session)

  • For children struggling with behavioural difficulties, our support programme Angry Bird for children aims to:
    – Educate children with problem-solving skills through times of divorce
    – Impart coping techniques for problem-solving, conflict management, & anger management
    – Empower them with social skills to improve their social relationships
  • For families who wish to build positive family experiences even after divorce, Art Jamming is a soothing and therapeutic way to:
    – Experience positive and healthy emotional regulation
    – Identify emotions and create associations
    – Create support and build positive parent-child relationships

You can refer to the Frequently Asked Questions (“FAQs”) regarding child access-related issues for divorced or divorcing parents during the circuit breaker period here.

If you are interested in joining any of these programmes, or require more information, please feel free to contact us.


THK CFH @ Commonwealth
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