THK Development Support and Learning Support (DS-LS)


THK Development Support and Learning Support Programme (THK DS-LS) is a community-based intervention programme for K1 and K2 children with mild developmental needs and learning needs.

We provide short-term support to children in their preschools in order to optimise their learning as well as increase their participation and integration in daily classroom activities and routines.

The DS-LS team works closely with:

  • Early childhood educators in preschools, to discuss the children’s learning and share strategies and materials to support the children through classroom activities and routines
  • Parents and caregivers, to share tips and strategies for the children to practice the new skills at home through their daily routines


Your child’s preschool will contact you if your child may be suitable for the programme. Your child must be:

  • Attending pre-school (K1 and K2 levels)
  • Singapore Citizens or Permanent Residents

*Children who are enrolled in an Early Intervention Programme for Infants and Children (EIPIC) are not eligible.

Our Team

Since 2012, THK DS-LS team has worked with more than 200 preschool teachers across our service area, the Central and Central-South regions of Singapore.

Our team comprises Educational Therapists, Speech and Language Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Educational Psychologists, Learning Support Educators and Social Workers / Case Workers.

We offer differentiated Development Support and Learning Support packages, based on children’s needs.

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“The Speech Therapist assigned worked with my son weekly and was a great help to him. The quality of the therapy was excellent, not just what was done at school but the work that was sent home was very helpful also. She has helped him meet his communication needs by using a lot of creative ideas. The Speech Therapist showed me games and activities to do at home that would help my son achieve his speech goals faster. She provided great feedback as to how he was progressing as well as to areas he was having difficulties. This therapy was really great and helpful for my son, thank you.

– parent (Aruna Sivabalan)


THK’s DS-LS programmes have provided invaluable support towards our children’s learning and development by working in partnership with teachers. This partnership is especially essential as children are able to quickly bring strategies they have recently been equipped with into the classroom setting.  Observations done in the classroom to further support children in actual classroom scenarios provide concrete learning for both children and teachers.

preschool principal (anonymous)


“I would like to compliment your professionalism in arranging the discussion with relevant parenting videos and strategies with handouts. I also heard [the child’s] mom sharing the effectiveness on applying some of the strategies. I would like to applaud your commitment for the effort and service that you have rendered to our child. Keep up the quality work going.

– partnering Learning Support Educator Lead (anonymous)


“Even though the sessions have ended, my child still often talks about what she learnt, and she proactively corrects my pronunciation these days. Through the confidence and knowledge gained from the sessions, she has also started reading on her own. Special thanks to the Speech Therapist who had helped my child overcome her fear of speaking, and reading. From a thankful parent.”

– parent (Serene Leong)


“There are several factors I like about the DS-LS, and would recommend it to parents who think their child/children may need early intervention.

  • The sessions all take place within the preschool – this is a safe and familiar environment for my child, who tends to be very shy especially in a new environment. By conducting the sessions at her school, she doesn’t need to get used to the new environment and can be herself during the sessions
  • The Speech Therapist engaged with the parents from the beginning (once she was assigned the task), even before the 1st session with the child. She had called to find out what are our main concerns (e.g. out of 10 sentences she spoke, how many sentences do we not understand? What are the words she struggles with? What do I hope to attain out of the sessions?, What is her character like?) Doing these background checks ensured that we are on the same page so that we can work towards the same objectives, and I feel that she was genuinely interested in helping my child, and not merely just doing her job.
  • We were given continuous feedback after every session, so we are kept informed of her progress, and what had been taught. This helped us to practise with our child at home (reinforced learning). We were also given tips on how to encourage the child to learn new words (e.g. creating a word wall – writing the words that she can pronounce and/or read).
  • After each session, there was a distinct improvement on my child’s speech – she could pronounce words which she previously struggled with, and she started speaking up more.
  • We were also invited to sit in for one of the sessions so that we can see how the lesson was conducted.
  • After several one-on-one sessions, another Therapist was also assigned to sit in to observe my child during her usual classes.
  • At the end of the sessions, the Speech Therapist also met up with me to provide an overall summary of my child’s progress. She even arranged to meet me at my workplace because I messed up on our original schedule (she need not have to, but was willing to go the extra mile to meet me at my workplace, which I am very thankful for). It was very reassuring to hear from her that my child had made sufficient progress to be “discharged” from the programme, and she even emailed me a Dolch word list which I could practise with my child.

My child had enjoyed the sessions so much that every week she would look forward to meeting the Speech Therapist – this is a great testament to what a good job she has been doing, as my child tends to shy away from strangers and refuses to speak.”

– parent (anonymous)

THK Development Support and Learning Support Programme (THK DS-LS)
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