THK Home for Disabled Adults @ Chai Chee

THK Home for Disabled Adults @ Chai Chee gives shelter, warmth, care and love to 102 intellectually disabled adults; in particular to those without parental support or whose parents are unable to support or care for them. Residents live in harmony with each other and respect each other's race, colour, culture, creed, language and religion.

Our Home provides structured programmes to suit the residents of different age groups and disability profiles. We train and develop their capabilities in self-help, community living, socialization, perceptual-cognitive and motor skills.

Day Activity Centre is an alternative care arrangement for caregivers to relieve them of caring for the disabled family members during the day. Currently, our Day Activity Centre provides care to 22 clients with a structured programme which includes exercise routine, art & craft making, personal grooming, traveling, baking, cooking, music appreciation, outdoor activities and watching movies.


  1. 102 beds (Separated Male and Female Dormitories)
  2. Physiotherapy Room
  3. Occupational Therapy Room
  4. Day Activity Centre
  5. Sensory Room
  6. Relaxation Room
  7. Conference Room
  8. Medical Treatment Room
  9. Sick Bay Room
  10. Nursing Station
  11. Transportation equip for wheelchair


  1. Monthly Birthday Celebrations
  2. Arts and Craft making
  3. In-door exercise (Fun Fit)
  4. Outdoor Fun/ Sport activity
  5. Music Appreciation (Karaoke)
  6. Daily Living Skills
  7. Community Living Skills

Specialised Services

  1. Occupational Therapy
  2. Aqua Therapy (Outdoor)
  3. Kitchen Therapy (Baking & Cooking)
  4. Terrarium Therapy (Indoor Gardening)
  5. Sign Language for vocally impaired (implementation in May 2015)

THK Home for Disabled Adults @ Chai Chee/ THK Day Activity Centre @ Chai Chee

Operating hours:
Monday to Friday:
9am to 6pm

9am to 1pm



2 Chai Chee Lane
Singapore 469030
Tel: 64417640
Fax: 64417641