THK Pan-Disability Centre @ Eunos

The Society of Moral Charities (Visually Handicapped), SOMC (VH), is a sheltered workshop that provides persons with visual impairment a means to be gainfully employed and was started in October 2005. The Centre, now known as THK Pan-Disability Centre @ Eunos, has since moved towards pan-disability and currently has clients with various /multiple disabilities, such as, hearing impairment, intellectual and multiple disabilities.

Purpose and Mission:

THK Pan-Disability Centre @ Eunos envisions a Singapore where persons with disabilities are integrated into the workforce. We do this by getting our clients jobs.


Currently, the programme caters to adults with disabilities aged 18 and above. They will be assessed by our vocational rehabilitation team and offered one of the following training tracks:

  • Housekeeping Programme & Culinary (Service Crew) Programme

Clients receive pre-vocational training such as social skills and environmental cleaning. Suitable clients are offered either an internal or open employment opportunity and will have a coach to support him/her on-site and facilitate active integration into the workforce.

  • Woodworking Programme

Clients will be taught specialized woodworking skills with hand tools to construct wooden items under supervision. This niche programme caters to clients who show aptitude and interest in handicrafts.

  • In-house contract/ production work

Clients work on basic pre-vocational skills such as attention span to help them transit into a sheltered workshop environment. They develop skills to complete basic manual contract work.


In order to provide real work experience for our clients, THK Pan-Disability Centre @ Eunos offers the following services to the general public:

  • Manpower

We aim to meet the manpower needs of SMEs for housekeepers and service crews by recommending persons with disabilities who have completed their basic training. Our job coach will conduct on-site training and follow our clients to help them cope with the new role.

  • Sales of Woodwork Products

The Centre sells woodwork products handcrafted by our clients. The proceeds will enable our clients to remain productive and have a source of income. We also accept commissions for woodworking projects. Please contact us for further discussion.

  • Subcontract Work

We can help with tedious manual work such as stuffing envelopes with letters, packing of goodie bags for a reasonable fee.

Admission Criteria:

  • Have a disability as defined by SG Enable
  • Singapore Citizen/ Singapore Permanent Resident
  • Risk of falls is low
  • Independent in toileting
  • Good bowel and bladder control
  • Keen to work, the family is keen for the client to work outside
  • Able to count from 1 to 60
  • Able to perform a given task for 30 minutes without a break
  • Able to follow a 2-step instruction
  • Caregivers will allow clients to travel independently

For assistance on referral procedures, you may contact SG Enable at 1800 8585885 or


THK Pan-Disability Centre @ Eunos

Operating hours:
Monday to Friday :
9:00 am to 4:00 pm

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