Mr Cheong Kah Meng

Date first appointed: 16/5/2020

Attendance at board meetings in FY21/22: 4/4

Key directorships and appointments in other charities / organisations: 

• Superintendent, Banyan Home @ Pelangi Village


After serving the Singapore Armed Forces for 27 years as an Army Officer, Mr Cheong Kah Meng was head-hunted to run an island-wide Voluntary Welfare Organization related to healthcare services for 10 years.

To broaden his outlook and rejuvenate himself, Mr Cheong next took up a teaching assignment at the Sociology Department, National University of Singapore for three years before he returned to the Social Service Sector where he has to date serve 13 years as the Superintendent of a Psychiatric Welfare Home.

Mr Cheong believes inequality is a fact of life but we can make it less so and livable.