Mr Goh Tok Mong

Date first appointed: 13/10/2011

Date of last election: 30/5/2019

Attendance at board meetings in FY20/21: 3/4

Key directorships and appointments in other charities / organisations: 

• Vice-Chairman, THK Moral Society, Chee Hia Kog Moral Society and Theng Hai Huay Kuan
• Board Member, THK Nursing Home Ltd.
• Hon. Secretary, Singapore Federation of Moral Missions, The
• Advisor, Chung-Lim Community Overseas Association


Goh Tok Mong has served in the social service/charity sector for over 40 years. He has been serving in Thye Hua Kwan Moral Society (THKMS) Management Committee since 1978 and a member of various sub-committees (Human Resource, Investment, Nomination and EXCO). Mr Goh was the Vice-Chairman of THKMS since March 2014. He has played a key role in charting future plans for the organisation, sharing his expertise and advice that supported the development of THKMS.

More than 31 years ago (1989), he laid strong foundations for the establishment of THK Home For Disabled @ Eunos. Over the years, he has built good relationships with the beneficiaries. He also played a crucial role in establishing THK Moral Welfare Home, THK Home For Disabled Adults@ Chai Chee and supervised the initial operations.

Thye Hua Kwan Moral Charities (THKMC), established on 13 October 2011, is the charity arm of THKMS. Mr Goh made significant contributions in establishing THKMC with the amalgamation of 11 Institutions of Public Character (IPCs) belonging to THKMS. Mr Goh was a founding board member and continues to serve on the THKMC Board. As a member of the Human Resource Committee of THKMC, he plays a pivotal role in assisting the Board in the oversight of THKMC’s human resource policies.

Mr Goh further expanded his roles by serving as a board member of THK Nursing Home @ Hougang for 6 years since 1 November 2014. He provided strategic direction and steered the organisation towards fulfilling its vision and mission through good governance. In November 2019, THK Nursing Home @ Hougang received a generous donation of $100k from Yuan Resources Pte. Ltd., a company related to him.

Over the years, Mr Goh has demonstrated his commitment to serve those in need, through his long-standing contributions to THKMS, THKMC and THK Nursing Home @ Hougang, which have greatly improved the lives of the beneficiaries. With this commitment in mind, he continues to seek donations from external partners to further fund the growth of these organisations.