Mr James Koh Cher Siang

Date first appointed: 10/11/2011

Date of last election: 30/5/2019

Attendance at board meetings in FY20/21: 3/4

Key directorships and appointments in other charities / organisations: 

• Board Director, United Overseas Bank Ltd. and CapitaLand Hope Foundation
• Deputy Chairman, Pioneers Generation Appeals Committee
• Member of Independent Review Committee, Ministry of Home Affairs


James Koh was the Permanent Secretary of the Ministries of Community Development, Education, National Development and the Comptroller of Inland Revenue.  Since retirement from the civil service in 2005, he has served as Board Director on Singapore Airlines, Capitaland, United Overseas Land,  Pan Pacific Hotels and United Overseas Bank.  He was Chairman of HDB from 2007 to 2016. He was also Chairman of Mechanobiology Institute, Singapore Golf Association, Singapore Island Country Club and Singapore Deposit Insurance Corporation.