Mr Shawn Ching

Date first appointed: 1/11/2018

Date of last election: 30/5/2019

Attendance at board meetings in FY19/20: 1/4

Key directorships and appointments in other charities / organisations for FY19/20 annual report: Executive Director and Group General Manager, Oxley Holdings Ltd


Shawn Ching Wei Hung is currently the Executive Director and Group General Manager of Oxley Holdings Limited. He is responsible for the general operations and administration of the group.

Shawn graduated from the University of Buckingham with a Bachelor’s degree in Business and Management with first-class honours. He achieved the best performance in the School of Business examinations. Thereafter, he went on to obtain a Masters of Science in Sustainable Urban Development from the University of Oxford.

Shawn sits on the Board of Regents of Harris Manchester Colleage, University of Oxford. He is currently the Alternate Board Member of THK Moral Charities to Mr Ching Chiat Kwong.