Ms Agatha Tan


Agatha Tan is the Divisional Director (DD) of THK Homes for Disabled. As a core member in THKMC’s senior management team, she has headed various THKMC social services as DD since 2006.

Respected internationally and in Singapore as a pioneer and leading specialist in the fields of early intervention for infants and children (EIPIC) as well as persons with disabilities, Agatha has seeded and expanded THKMC suite of community support.

She is credited as one of the pioneers to establish EIPIC in Singapore. Today, THKMC has four EIPIC centres in each geographical region serving a total of more than 800 infants and children with disabilities. To provide seamless 360-social services from children to the elderly, she took on THKMC’s adult services in 2018 where she oversees three residential care facilities, two Day Activity Centres and one Sheltered Workshop.

A celebrated coach and mentor, Agatha has established professional human resource practices and policies to ensure quality service to all stakeholders. To uplift industry standards and capabilities, she spearheaded career planning and talent development for professional and direct care staff under her care. Her astute business acumen sees an annual fiscal turnover of S$11 million for the adult services plus building a 2-year reserve for the EIPIC centres.

Under her stewardship, THKMC has become one of the leading organisations and a key community partner in the children’s and adults’ disability space. She is actively involved in the development of an outcome system. Agatha is part of the steering team alongside consultants from KK Children’s and Women’s Hospital to develop and pilot the current children services through Project ECHO. Since then, ECHO has been successfully launched as a resource and data bank with its holistic outcome system being implemented nationally by the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF). Agatha now leads Project FROM, a future-centric framework based on Project ECHO fundamental principles.

A sought-after thought leader and speaker, she lectures part-time on modules concerning infant and child development, health and safety. Agatha is deeply involved in the, 2007 to 2011 and 2012 to 2016, Early Intervention sub-committee of the Enabling Masterplan, a national blueprint spearheaded by the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF). She represents the social service sector in the Skill Framework Workstream under the Social Service SkillsFuture Tripartite Taskforce (STT) spearheaded by MSF and coordinated by the National Council of Social Services in 2019.

In her personal capacity, Agatha is a notable change agent. She is committed to bettering herself and devoted to the betterment of others by enhancing the lives of the people and the community that she serves. Agatha has a degree in education from the University of Melbourne.